Christopher David McCray, people just call me Chris.

  • 32 years old

  • I am from Lynchburg, South Carolina.

  • Hobbies:  reading, working out, traveling, and spending time with my family.


“I decided to build Next is Now along with Brittany, because we see the growing needs in so many communities around our city. Needs that we feel are not being adequate meet because not many people want to engage these under-resourced communities anymore. I think it is our chance (Now) to take on the challenges our generation will be soon faced to resolve. We should be technically Next, but we have no time to waste. Next is Now.”


- Executive Director

Brittany K. Peguese

  • 22 years old

  • Florence, South Carolina native

  • Hobbies: researching topics I’m interested in, outdoor sports, helping others, and family time


“I built NextisNow alongside Chris after the success of the peaceful protest knowing that there was more to be done. Emotions were high that day, yet I asked myself “what’s next?”.  Speaking out against any injustice has always been something I’ve done and after taking a step back to look at the broader picture, I realized we have so much to change and fight for, starting with our own communities. Our children will follow us and we have to set them up for success. The things we were deprived of, will be handed to them so that they can take it and make it greater. The next generation is here now. Next is Now!

- President


Tina C. Thomas

  • 38 years old

  • Proud parent of 2 wonderful children, Shane & Madison

  • BA in Organizational Management from Claflin University

  • Compliance Specialist

  • Hobbies: Reading, traveling, spending time with family, volunteering with various organizations


“I decided to join NextisNow because of the mission of the organization. It is refreshing to be a part of something formed out of pure unadulterated passion and desire to help the black community combat years of injustices. That time is now for change, NextisNow!”

Favorite Quote: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” -Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

- Compliance & Strategy Director

Tiyana Selena Lyles

  • 23 years old

  • Attends Francis Marion University majoring in Nursing

  • Hobbies: being creative, spending time with friends & family

  • Aspires to be a Midwife


“I joined NextisNow because I want to see a better life for the future generations in my hometown. I knew that this would be an opportunity to restructure Florence and provide resources to those in need.”

- Executive Secretary


Silas M. Eason

  • 22 years old

  • Aspiring music artist

  • Hobbies: writing, making music, trading, working out

“After co-organizing the protest following George Floyd’s murder, I knew we had to keep going and do more to see the change we’re seeking. This has been one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.”

- Culture & Marketing Director


Da’Lyn D. Witherspoon

  • 24 years old

  • Youth mentor

  • Hobbies: going to church, singing & playing the piano, photography, keeping the youth on the right path and out of prison


“I joined NextisNow because they brought the community together as a whole for a righteous reason. After joining, I then realized that it’s more than just a non-profit organization, NextisNow is a group of young community leaders that came together and started their own family. NextisNow has changed my life wholeheartedly, and opened my eyes in many different ways. This IS my family. #NextisNow

- Director of Media


Rashon D. Smith

  • 31 years old

  • Born & raised in Florence, SC

  • Hobbies: Educating others, spending time with family, gaining knowledge


“I joined NextisNow because it just spoke to me as a young black man today and I value and respect the power of my voice. I have been through many things in my life, but one lesson I learned was when you learn life lessons, teach someone what you’ve learned. I felt I could be a powerful voice of reason and common thinking in this generation. I have 3 young sons that I have to be an example for. The kids are our future. Next is Now!”

- Director of Operations & Procurement

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